About Me

About Me

Hello everyone

Welcome to secrets to losing fat. My name is Jeremy and I started changing the way I lived in 2014. Making a change in my life style was something I wanted to do for some time now and since then I could not be happier.

Now, I’m not going to tell you your going lose a hundred pounds overnight but with a few tips and tricks you can be well on your way. Here, I will indulge into my life and tell you the journey I went through to succeed my weight loss.

Some Info On My Life

When I was growing up I wanted to be a vet, I wanted to work with animals ever since I was a kid helping our family friend at her office. Unfortunately I didn’t go that route in my life, it was just too hard thinking about giving needles and doing surgeries ogood healthy lfen animals. Unfortunately being a vet was not for me.

After all my trials and tributes, 17 years later I became my own contractor. No more working for the man! lol. After learning a trade right out of high school, I started my own business in 2014 after learning all the ins and out of the aluminum trade.

When I was working for a company in 2010, an employee was telling me about some tricks I could use to lose some weight. He told me things like the 80%-20% rule. Meaning your weight is reflected by the amount you eat more than how much you exercise.

After working and listening to this employee for a few weeks, I started having a different outlook on several different foods I was eating on a regular basis. He got me thinking about other ways I could lose weight and it wasn’t even with a lot of exercise….. Like the 80%-20% rule!

I Want People To Have The Same Happy Feeling

About a month after trying a few things the new employee told me about, I was noticing a change in my stomach area. It was a first for me! I’ve tried lots of different things to lose weight in my life but his tips were actually working and I began loosing belly fat. There wasn’t even that much change to my life style just more protein and fewer fillers, I could still eat steak and a lot of it if I wanted. So my eating habits did not change a whole lot.

I was still eating mostly the same things I did before but the bad foods in moderation. Also, kinda stuck to his tips about more protein in my diet to help with things like testosterone because I’m a guy.

After telling him how excited I was to lose a few pounds, he suggested more things I could try eating to keep the ball rolling and continue to lose weight. I was hooked I could not stop thinking how a lot of my body fat was not going away from exercise. Yes, you will still have to exercise a small amount but the 80%-20% rule was proving itself, its more what you eat then the amount of exercise you do. Just by eating the bad food in moderation and a lot more protein in my diet i was losing belly fat.

I am 30 years old now and I average 190 lbs, sometimes I go up to 205 lbs. But by just doing a few different tricks I never knew about actually worked and I recommend this kinda stuff to anyone. If you have also tried many ways and had no success try a few of my tips and tricks and hopefully you will see the same results.

My Goal To Help Others

I want to help others reach their goals, if you don’t have any you will need to make some. It’s the best way to stay motivated and it’s something to strive for. Must have goals!! I’m going to bring new ideas, tips, tricks and products you can try anytime you want to reach your weight loss goals.

Follow me and leave your opinions or any questions and let’s lose some belly fat together! Thanks a lot and look forward to helping everyone.


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2 thoughts on “About Me”

  • Hello Jeremy,

    Your story is inspirational.
    I am very glad that such people like you who have been on that road are willing to help the others.
    Good luck on your professional and personal endeavors.
    It seems that you know your stuff and I am sure that you have a lot to offer for everyone who wants to lose some belly fat today!

    • Hello Asen how are you?

      Thanks so much for the comment. I cant wait to help people.or get them some info. 

      Thanks again buddy cheers

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