How To Lose Weight And Eat Healthy- Yes! It Can Be Done!

How To Lose Weight And Eat Healthy- Yes! It Can Be Done!

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Hey guys, I just wanted to give some incite on some of my eating habits and what helped me to lose weight and still eat what we consider “bad foods”.


It’s All About Consistencyhamburger weight lose food

You have to be consistent when losing weight, you can’t just eat salad one day then pizza the next. I’ve tried that method and the pizza won. Yes, you can eat the bad foods, but in moderation and still lose weight.

I lost 50lbs by consistently eating whole foods and adding lots of protein to my diet, I recommend a keto diet as well, While still eating pizza and hamburgers once a week for dinner. Hamburgers are my favorite and this time I didn’t cut them out of my diet, or pizza or poutine!! I know it sounds crazy, but I still eat those foods in moderation. As long as you stay consistent with your whole foods and keto dieting and add protein, you can do it too!


 Yes, You Can Cheat!

pizza weight lose food

I’ve tried a number of diets and meal plans over about 6 years, before I started on the right path. With bad diets you are limited and restricted to what you can eat. I’ve tried those and gave up lol, like how are you not going to eat anything good anymore? So I was pretty bummed out after most of the diets I’ve tried and I’m sure you guys are too!

If you have read my story you will know that I’ve learned my information from a friend at work and now when I think about something to eat, I start thinking whole foods and keto dieting will help with that. When you get hungry, just take 2 minutes to think about what whole foods are and if you can eat those and still be satisfied. Trust me, there are lots of satisfying whole foods out there that are tasty and can make you feel like you’re not on a strict diet or meal plan . 🙂

The Ketogenic dieting is the most natural I’ve come across and the foods are tasty and great.

See my Ketogenice page

 Just A Better Lifestyle

life style healthy living

In the past, if you have tried to lose weight, you’ve probably been in my situation before. Going forward it’s all about thinking for the long term and the lifestyle change. Not that you will lose weight in a night or week, but for the rest of your life, to be a healthier you.

You have to be mentally prepared and start preparing yourself for the long haul. If you think about whole foods when you get hungry, it will be your method to success. If not, you will end up back in your old eating habits.

Even if you reach your goal, you have to keep it up and if you want that lifestyle you have to eat whole foods all of the time.

Lifestyle change is a lot of motivation to eat healthier, everybody wants to live longer today and eating better is the answer. Hope this will help your journey, and  let me know if you guys have any tips for me, thanks.


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2 thoughts on “How To Lose Weight And Eat Healthy- Yes! It Can Be Done!”

  • Sounds awesome to hear I can still eat bad food and lose weight. I think it would be great to also know about the exercise amount to do to complement these new diet habits and make them more effective together. Cheers and nice job Jeremy!

    • Hi Claudia
      Thank you for the comment, I love to hear other people’s questions and concerns. I did not add exercises to my post because with my method of eating a high protein diet and just by doing daily activities , you don’t have to have a strenuous exercise routine. I will take into consideration your comment and I will add some of my favorite exercises. Thanks again for the comment, I really appreciate it.

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