My Journey & Why I Want To Help You Lose Weight

My Journey & Why I Want To Help You Lose Weight

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I’m here to help with your journey to weight loss!

How I Lost My Weight

I have been a little overweight all my life, at the age of 24 I started trying different products to help me burn belly fat. I’ve spent lots of money and time with the wrong products.

When I tried to lose weight naturally and trying a couple Ketogenic diets, I actually lost weight using natural fat burning foods, lowered my carb intake and had lots of protein in my meals. I was 220 lbs and my height is about 5’8 after my Keto diet and eating better I lost 35 lbs fast to. It’s probably the easiest way to burn fat efficiently without over exercising and taking harmful products.

Just from using a few tips from a friend, I started to see results. I added natural supplements and natural whey powder to my smoothies for more protein intake which helps speed up the fat burning process.

Keto and burning fat naturally

Natural fat burning products and natural unsweetened whey powder combined with high protein intake is what started me off on my weight lose journey.Then came Ketogenic dieting. 

The most important thing people should remember is that burning fat naturally can be done safe and it’s more of what you eat then the exercise.

Stress full dieting can lead to strict meal plans and less sleep. Most people only last a few weeks, I know from trying a bunch myself.

Ketogenic dieting is a diet with high protein intake and a low carb intake which will lead to fast weight loss and healthy lifestyle in the long run. It would be my number one recommendation for losing weight.

I hope sharing my story with you guys, inspires you and helps with any natural ways to get rid of any unwanted fat. If your story can relate to mine then hopefully you reach your goals with my tips and some Keto dieting.

I hope that with this site people will have some incite on natural foods and safe ways to help cut fat.

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The goal here is to have people learn and hopefully take advantage of some tips and foods that have help me get started. There are lots of different ways to lose weight, I talk about my own experience and sharing it with you guys, hope you get some great ideas from it. Good luck If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

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