Tips & Tricks To Lose Fat Naturally

Tips & Tricks To Lose Fat Naturally

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Upon trying to lose weight several times myself, I tried using the normal day-to-day weight loss diets but got nowhere and felt like I would never lose the weight I wanted to.

I stuck to a strict diet and workout regimen but got no real results. A few of the diets I tried, were not healthy or natural fat burning methods and more harmful to my body than I knew. I realized I was not getting the results I wanted because I was starving my body and not putting enough vitamins and nutrients into it.

In 2014, I worked with an employee that was taking natural supplements and natural whey powder in his smoothies. He was eating an increased amount of protein and taking in fewer carbs.

He gave me a few tips on how to burn fat naturally. I’ve used his knowledge and my experience to come up with some great tips and tricks that have worked for me.

I think if people were more aware how easy it is to burn fat naturally they would not have to diet with strenuous exercises and strict meal plans, it would come to them as second nature.

Just remember these easy tips and tricks in your journey to natural weight loss.

Burn Fat Naturally (Tips & Tricks)

These tips and tricks can benefit anyone trying to lose weight naturally, they have helped me reach my goal of 200 lbs.

Good nutrition is the best way to stay wealthy, you want to eat the food with the most vitamins and minerals. Just by cutting out high calorie/carb foods you will lose weight. Here are a few ways that can help you.

Tips & Tricks To Staying Healthy

  • Ketogenic Dieting
  • Natural supplement, also natural whey powder in your smoothies.healthy weight lose cycle

  • Always balance your smoothies with veggies fruits and a bit of dairy fat free.

  • Drink a lot of green tea 1-3 cups a day. It’s rich in antioxidants and helps with burning fat process

  • Try to always steam your veggies (don’t over boil)

  • Never fry your foods

  • Caffeine has great qualities to help burn fat

  • Start with a larger breakfast (balanced) you will be fuller throughout the day and there for will crave less sugars

  • Use coconut oil, instead of butter or regular oil

  • Eat berries throughout your day it will help with satiety and stop cravings

  • Always stay away from corn syrup. I can’t stress that enough it’s much worse than regular sugar

  • Find an activity to do 3 times a week. This will get your heart rate up and it’s a good way to distress

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Improving The Way You Eat

It might sound like it’s to hard, but improve the way you eat by taking baby steps. There are hundreds of small steps you can take to burn your fat naturally.

I started taking my first steps by not frying my meat anymore and believe it or not it’s just one of the many ways I started my process. Just broil or bake it and even grill it if you want.

I also started reading the nutrition labels on most the foods I was eating just to give me an idea of the carbs and other bad sugars that would prevent me from burning fat. I still ate chocolate and other high carb foods but in moderation, always in the day time not in the morning or at night. After a week of that it became a lot easier to repeat this step over and over. My job was my only exercise and there wasn’t much cardio involved in that. I am a contractor so no running lol

I like to tell people to eat, protein and veggies with your lunch and supper. I would also add some extra protein as I was on a Keto diet trying to burn my fat this way.

Eat fruit with your snacks it’s a much healthier way to eat than just bad snacks. S

tay off the high calorie beverages and only drinking water and unsweetened drinks. A lot of green tea for all it’s all natural fat burning properties. (You will lose weight very quickly this way).

Burning Fat With Natural Foods

Protein has helped me lose my fat quicker than the majority of diets and meal plans I’ve been on. I increased my protein intake 30% a day, things like lean cuts of meat like chicken, turkey, fish and lean beef.

I started eating fewer carbs (sugars) and taking a natural fat burning supplement to help reach my goal. Also, protein whey powder in my smoothies, which have great benefits. Within 2 weeks I had lost 8-9 lbs just by eating better and everything so far was natural and Keto.

It’s important to lose your belly fat naturally with foods opposed to strict diets where you’re always hungry and frustrated. You don’t have to try all of these at once but the more little steps you take the faster you can reach your goal.

 Fat Burning Foods That Have Helped Me

  • All types of nuts (unsalted)

    bad foods unhealthy

  • Lean meats, turkey, fish, lean ground beef

  • Green tea, coconut water, unsweetened drinks

  • Fish twice a week

  • Eggs

  • Berries/Fruit (grapefruit is a great way to lower insulin and blood sugar)

  • All veggies (green is the best)

  • Dairy (fat free/low fat)

  • All Keto high protein foods

I don’t use any strict diet, I just try to be conscious of the foods I eat now and I’ve had results. I still eat snacks that are not that healthy but in moderation and always with fruits in the mix.

For Your Health

There are many reasons to lose weight, whether it being to look and feel your best or forhealthy heart lose weight medical/health reasons, but it should always be done in the healthiest and safest way possible.

If you want to burn fat do it naturally, eat more of the right foods and with a bit of activity throughout your week. 

The most important reason is to lower the risk of heart attacks. By eating fewer carbs (sugars/starches) will lower your insulin level, so when you increase your protein intake you will burn more fat instead of carbs.

Losing weight with a weight loss “program” takes lots of hard work compared to doing it naturally and letting your body do the work for you.

Give Ketogenic Dieting a try you will love the results.

Things To Keep In Mind When Staying Healthy

These tips and tricks should help with your natural fat burning process unless you’re just trying to be healthy and want some guidance along the way. I have used these tips and keto dieting to accomplishing my goals, and now it has become second nature when it comes to my eating. It won’t take you long after you take one of the steps or more to accomplish yours to.

Good luck and stay healthy 🙂


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6 thoughts on “Tips & Tricks To Lose Fat Naturally”

  • Solid tips here Jeremy! I really like these kind of healthy eating tips versus those popular diets. Not sure if it’s just me but i feel those diet programs are very hard to follow unless you have the luxury of time. Your comprehensive tips, on the other hand, are easy to implement and don’t take much effort. Things like stop eating sugar (and corn syrup) , more veggies, less fried foods are easy to remember and gives fast and healthy result. Many thanks for this!

    • Hey Isaac thanks a lot for reading my article. I agree with you about the popular diets, there a joke most of the time and without the time and following them properly there just hard. If people could remember some of these tricks it would have a great impact on their life and won’t take much time out of there day. 

      Thanks for the comment cheers

  • I enjoyed your weight loss tips in your article, many of these I do use every day but some I am planning to add to my routine for even better weight management.

    What is the best type of protein powder to add to smoothies when you can’t digest dairy and gluten, it is very confusing which plant-based protein powders are the best for weight loss.

    • Hey Jeffrey thanks for reading my article and glad to hear you plan on adding some more to your daily routine. Please feel free to come to the site anytime and add my tips to your routine as well.

      I would recommend Protein powder for lactose people Vega greens products are all natural and gluten free and lactose free. Also all the plant proteins are very comparable and are all great for muscle building and muscle repair. 

      Thanks for the comment cheers

  • We decided to take up swimming to lose belly fat due to the winter evenings putting an end to nightly walks.

    We currently visit the local pool 4 times per week and do about 24 lengths per session. What’s your take on swimming for losing weight? The reason I like it is that it’s more of an involuntary exercise in order to keep afloat. I feel fitter although fairly early days to see results, approx. 3 months.

    Apart from once per week we have ditched the takeaways to eat more healthier and purchased a juicer to liquidize kiwi fruit with spinach and banana, sounds strange but tastes fab, healthy too.
    All the best,

    • Hi Simon thanks for reading my article on tips and tricks. It’s nice to hear you are swimming for your exercise it’s a great way to burn fat and have fun doing so. 

      Glad to hear you purchased a juicer they are a great tool in the kitchen and I use mine all the time. If you are interested in a great blender, I would recommend the Vitamix 780 it’s truly one of my favorites to use.

      Thanks for the comment cheers

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