Vitamix 780 Blender Review- A Better Way To Blend

Vitamix 780 Blender Review- A Better Way To Blend

Product: Vitamix 780 Blender Review

  • Price: $698.95 (Free Shipping)

  • Cheapest Place To Buy: Amazon

  • Size of Container: 64 ounces (8 cups)

  • Guarantee: 7 Year Full Warranty

  • My Rating: 10 out of 10

  • Amazon’s Rating: 5 Stars Out Of 5 Stars

 Vitamix 780 Blender Product Overview

 The Vitamix 780 is a powerful weight loss tool and I’ll be walking you through some of my “favorite” aspects of the Vitamix within this review.

Vitamix 780 comes with a full, seven year warranty. If anything breaks or wears out during the time you have it, Vitamix will repair or replace it at no cost. They will even pay for your shipping!


If you are serious about blending or making a smoothie, the vitamix is the best for what you will want to do.

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About This Product

vitamin product review

  • The Vitamix has some nice features that are great and easy to use.

  • It has a LED control panel which is made of hardened glass, resists to cracks and scratches.

  • A very low profile container that holds up to 64-ounces of your favorite fruits or veggies. There’s a great pulse feature or layer coarse chop setting and a smooth puree setting for healthier recipes.

  • Vitamix stands behind the quality of their machines with full warranties. They cover all parts, performance, labor, and has two-way shipping. Which you don’t have to pay for.

  • The new and improved Vitamix 780 has a touch screen control panel. Unlike all previous models.

  • You won’t find any buttons or switches on the front of the blender, instead the screen works more like a tablet or any touch screen.

  • The panel responds to the touch of your finger when you touch the back lit smooth glass. A very nice feature that you will definitely enjoy!!

    It May Be Expensive, But save Lots Of Money!!

Somebody who loves smoothies like myself, will save money and lots of it with a vitamix. I’ve spent $10 a day or more sometimes on my smoothies from places like booster juice and even my local grocery store. 

There is nothing better then a fresh smoothie made right from your own machine, and as many as you want. Even make them for your friends and save them money.:)

Everybody saves money and gets healthy doing it. It’s a win win, for anyone who has one.

You can make hundreds of smoothies for the fraction of the cost.

Not buying them from stores I’ve saved $5-10 a day.

Being able to afford more smoothie ingredients, I drink more smoothies than ever before and love living  healthier and losing weight for cheap.

If you want to live healthier and drink smoothies for cheaper this machine is not that expensive!!

After 2 months it will pay for itself.

Here is a recipe of a smoothie I made the other day. 


Prep Time 5 mins       Servings 1        You Will Need A Blender

Food Facts         450 Calories        36g of Carbohydrates       2g of Fat         14g of Fiber

strawberry mango smoothie







Place chopped mango, 1 banana and 3 tbs of almond milk, in your blender.

Blend till smooth.

Pour into glass.

Rinse blender.

Place chopped strawberries, 1 banana and the other 3 tbs of almond milk in blender and blend till smooth.

Pour into glass on top of mango mixture to create layers.

Top with blueberries and strawberries.

Why You Need A Blender?

If your are trying to lose weight naturally a blender will definitely help your process. Then being able to drink the healthiest drinks that you can’t even buy from a store. There are endless smoothies you can make with this machine and not the one filled with carbs and sugars from your local health store or grocery store. I guess they would be close to a booster juice smoothie right at your house. 

If you a smoothie nut like my wife and I you will save lots of money in the long run and you will lose weight and just live healthier as your life goes on. There’s a puree setting on this wonderful machine for your healthier recipes and a chop and pulse setting. 

Here are some pros and cons for the vitamix 780 Blender


  • The 780 vitamix is the easiest model to clean

  • The 780 features come with a  LED capacitive touchscreen control panel 

  • The 780 has different color options

  • Low profile 64-ounce container

  • Automated Blending with pre-programmed settings

  • Comes with a “Introduction to high Performance Blending” Recipes booklet and low profile tamper


  • This model is slightly louder than the other models

  • The 780 is more expensive than the other models but doe much more

  • The 780 does not have a refurbished option

Easy To Clean

Step 1: One drop of soap and a cup of hot water. (After use soak in hot water immediately). This will make for a easy clean.

Step 2: If you are using sticky and messy ingredients use a brush for 10 seconds to brush the inside of the walls.

Step 3: Run the cleaning cycle after every use. (After rinse with hot water and dry).

Step 4: If you have trouble removing any stains use a “magic eraser” with hot water it will remove all your stains and discolourations.

For a in depth cleaning or once a month use vinegar with hot water and let soak overnight till clean. This will make your vitamix last a lot longer.

Mix 3 parts water and 1 part vinegar and fill the whole container and let sit overnight. Also if it’s a lost cause customer service will send you a new one if it’s still under warranty.


Conclusion, This Blender Is The Best!

The vitamix blender is truly a great tool to have in the kitchen. The smoothie’s are a good change from flavored waters which I enjoy very much also. I have been losing weight from my smoothie’s and would definitely recommend anyone trying to lose weight to try a vitamix for themselves. Thanks for reading my review and hope you enjoyed.

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2 thoughts on “Vitamix 780 Blender Review- A Better Way To Blend”

  • Thank you for this review on the Vitamix-780-blender. My nutribullet is old; I like it and it has been with me for quite a few years, but it’s time to invest in a new blender, and I think this is the best blender for my protein shakes and smoothies. I like how you gave a recipe for a strawberry mango smoothie, that seems tasty! I will come back, and I will invest to get this blender, thanks!

    • Hi thanks for reading my review on the 780 Vitamix blender. Glad to hear you like the recipes also it’s a tasty one. I hope you can make the purchase and please come back and check out my other products like the infused juicer thanks again.


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